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What sets WJS apart from other event photographers?

 One major difference is that WJS is not just one photographer.  We are a collective of professional photographers, vetted for reliability and artistic excellence – but that’s not all.  Along with our outstanding group of talented professional photographers, you get our focused customer support before and after your event. We also offer any other services you may need, such as Video, Montages, Albums, Enlargements for your Home and Photo Stations with onsite printing. We’re your one-stop-shop for complete photographic services.

 Where do you find your photographers?

We’ve earned enough respect in the photography community to attract the best and brightest talent.  We personally research, interview and ‘road-test’ every photographer to ensure we provide our clients with the highest and most consistent standard of photographic artistry and skill. 

Do you take credit cards?

We prefer checks as form of payment, keeping in line with keeping our costs to our clients as low and competitive as possible. We do take all major credit cards-but additional fees apply.

Can I meet the photographer I’m considering before booking?

Absolutely.  We will arrange a meeting at our offices or a convenient location for you. If you have booked a Pre Party shoot or engagement shoot, that is a great time to meet your Photographer.

How does your photographer know what to shoot?

We have you provide us with an Attendance Sheet and Special Request form, which specifies the people, locations and/or special shots we know that you want. Your Shot List can be as specific or general as you (or your clients) desire – or you can do without it entirely. Onsite, our photographers will consult with you and/or your designated event coordinator to ensure we’re getting the shots you want. Our Photographers are all full time Photographers who are experts at covering social functions. But even if they work independently, you can trust our photographers’ experience and training to get the shots even you didn’t anticipate.

How many photos can you shoot in an hour?

On average, we shoot about 75 to 100 unique images in an hour.  We usually edit from this – weeding out duplicates and shots where the flash didn’t go off or someone’s eyes are closed, for example – so all the final photos you receive are usable images.

What happens if my photographer gets sick or has some other emergency on the day of my event?

We are happy to say that in all the years we’ve been photographing events, this has happened only once (A death in the family).  However, we are aware that this possibility always exists and are ready to handle the situation if it arises.  All of our photographers have back-ups, other photographers with similar styles we know and trust, who will jump in and take over if an emergency arises. Rest assured, we will always have another photographer for you if that happens — one more advantage of using Wendy J Studios.

My temple doesn’t allow photos during services.  How do you handle that?

This is a common situation and there are several ways to handle it. Often, the temple will allow photography from an alcove or from other designated areas.  Using a long lens, our photographer can still capture a lot of the action from afar. Most temples allow photography on specific week days, so Mitzvah portraits often will be taken with the family a week or so before the Mitzvah service date.  We’re happy to work with you and the temple to figure out a solution that works for everyone.

How do I get my images after an event?

Within 2-3 weeks of your event, your images will be ready. We can provide you with a High Resolution CD or a USB Flash Drive of your edited images. We also offer the option to share them with you via dropbox for immediate download. They are not will own the rights to your images.

Can you print photos onsite?

Absolutely!  We offer Portrait stations with backdrops and can even add a logo, event date or message to the final prints.  We print 4×6” or 5×7” photos in seconds, individually or in quantity.  Let us know what you need, we’re happy to accommodate you.

How many prints can you make onsite?

We usually average about 50 to 75 printed photos per hour, per technician, when printing onsite. 

Do you provide frames for the photos?

We can provide photo folders with just a day or two advanced notice. Otherwise the photos will be delivered to your guests in plastic photo sleeves. You’re also welcome to provide your own folders or frames.

How are portraits usually done – in advance or on location?

This really depends on the type of event you’re having, and the timing.  For Mitzvahs, portraits are often done days in advance at the house and/or temple.  Bridal portraits are usually done on the wedding day, sometimes before and sometimes after the ceremony, depending on the couple’s desires.  There are advantages to doing portraits before the ceremony, which we’re happy to discuss with you.  Either way, you’ll get portraits of great quality and feeling, so we’re happy to do whatever works best for the couple

Is a make-up artist included?

A make-up artist is not included with your portrait session. But we highly recommend using a make-up artist who specializes in portrait photography.  We can recommend one who has this area of expertise and will come to your location.

Will you retouch my portraits?

Your images are edited for color, contrast and exposure before delivery. We are happy to provide further retouching on selected portraits — or on any photo.  This step is not done until specific shots are selected for prints or albums, but all the photos in your web gallery are color-corrected.

When do I need to decide if I’m doing an album for my event?

You can decide if you want an album anytime.  We do offer an discount for including the album with your initial order. But if you’re not sure about an album, wait until after the event to decide.  Like most of our clients, you probably will realize that an album is the best way to view and enjoy your photos on a regular basis.  After all, photos don’t belong on a hard drive — they belong in your home where they can be seen anytime.

How do I select the photos I want for an album?  Will you help me?

We are happy to help you select the right photos for your album. We are here for you every step of the way, however your input is crucial, because only you know which images resonate most. Our Album designer can guide you, offer suggestions and provide her design expertise to create a gorgeous album, one that will be become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Can you help me with an album even if you didn’t take the photos?

Yes, we often do this and it’s so gratifying to take images that have been languishing on a CD or computer and bring them to life in a beautiful album.  We want you to enjoy the photos you have, whether we took them or not.

Do you provide video services?

Yes, our team includes experienced videographers.-just like our photographers.  We offer one and two camera options (2 camera offers a more cinematic experience) as well as Video Montages and Teasers that can be shared on Social Media.

Do I really need video?

This is a totally subjective question, because everyone has their own personal feelings about video.  Some people love the movement and “being there” feeling that video affords… it also captures certain moments that just cannot be captured Photographically-such as Grandparents wishing you love and happiness, or a funny unexpected moment at a ceremony or a hilarious speech.  Others dislike the additional lights required and feel that video is an intrusion.  No one is wrong.  If Videography isn’t important to you, then put those dollars towards something else — like additional photography!  If you like video and want to have that living keepsake, we would love to provide it for you.